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About Us


Allow us to introduce ourselves. My name is Jason Pribble, most people call me Jake, and my wife is Kristina Pribble. I was born in Truckee and have resided here full time ever since. The Donner Lake area has been the home of our family since 1983.


I got into the snow removal business in 1993 when I took a job with S and R Snow Removal. For 11 years, I worked for them, 5 of those years year round in snow removal and driveway sealing. For two additional seasons, I plowed for Waltman Construction until an opportunity to buy the West End portion of a Snow Removal Company was presented to me – the company was Freeds Snow Removal.

If your home was on the West End of Donner Lake and Freeds was your plow business, I was the one who plowed your driveway.  Beginning with one Holder snow blower, we now have 13 Trackless snow blowers. Trackless machines are more reliable and allow us to plow your driveway under any condition.

Our Goals

Plow every driveway every time

Provide exceptional customer service

Give you a company you can rely on

Do an awesome job at a fair price

Our Quality Guarantee

We live here full time, so your contract will always be services with very little response time

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