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Frequently asked questions

Snow Removal Solutions offers the best value in snow removal in Tahoe Donner and Armstrong Tract. We are committed to our customers by offering an affordable service with the bonus of exceptional customer service and we are local here to Truckee. Quality, value and innovation — that's what makes us the best choice for your unforgettable snow removal experience.


We also believe that you should worry about your vacation not your driveway.

Why do I need snow removal service?

A yearly snow removal service is for anyone who doesn't want to spend their time plowing their own driveway They are also for full time people that work all day and don't want to shovel when they get home. Living in Donner Lake or Armstrong Tract requires a full time commitment. That's where we come in to alleviate the stress of having to worry about your snow removal.

Do you have insurance?

Snow Removal Solutions carries a $1,000,000 liability insurance policy. All of our employees are also covered by a workers compensation policy.

Why do I need Snow Removal Solutions?

Does your equipment continue to operate even in the rough wintry conditions of Tahoe Donner and Armstrong Tract?

Absolutely, it is the most reliable and most powerful snowblower that money can buy. Unlike the Holder tractors, the Trackless 8,000lb 110 horsepower snow blower with the 79" Snoquip blower head is by far the superior setup for what we call "Sierra Cement".  So, bring it on Mother Nature. Whatever you throw at us, we can handle.

What time will my driveway be serviced by Snow Removal Solutions?

Our daily snow removal operations will begin when the snow has reach a depth of 4 inches in your area. The timing in your area may be different from one storm to the next. We usually start between 3am and 5am, but if it doesn't snow 4" by 3pm, we will commence route operations at 3am.

Do you offer a berm service after you have plowed my driveway once already?

Snow Removal Solutions cannot in any way coordinate efforts with the Town of Truckee. We do monitor their progress closely. Contingent on their progress, we will then make a decision to remove the berms or leave them for the next day of snow removal. But, please keep in mind we won't always be able to remove the berm the same day because of heavy snowfall, equipment malfunction, operator fatigue, or the inability to acecss your driveway due to delayed snow removal by the Town of Truckee

What if there are cars parked in my driveway when my plow driver comes?

We will safely go around the cars or obstacles to clear as much of the driveway as possible. Then on our way back through, when all the cars are gone, we will clear the rest of the driveway. To get your money's worth, we ask that you park cars to one side of the driveway. This allows us to clear the most area the first time, giving you a place to move your car that is free of snow.

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